Dirt-Stained Hands, Thorn-Pierced Skin now available

It’s here! Check out a sampling of some of the lovely reviews from early readers:

  • This novella had me captivated from page one and didn’t loosen its grip until the end and beyond (I’m still thinking about it). O’Connell’s ability to write a novella that reads as strongly with characterization, emotion, and plot as a novel shines through once again in eir newest work.
  • What a delight! If you’re in search of a comforting, queer re-telling of Beauty and the Beast, look no further.
  • The gradual progression of romance between Heron and Theomer — as well as the crackle of tension it causes — is so maddeningly well done that I had to bite my hand to keep myself from screaming at the book in the middle of the night.

Get your copy now!

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